Digital Empowerment: Why We Don't Like Selling Websites

Cherie Gregory
Cherie Gregory
19 June 2024

We learnt early on in our business journey that we didn’t want to be in business just to ‘sell a thing’…

Empowerment as a value proposition for Koben Digital was compelling to us because not only did it align with our own personal ethos, it directly addresses a fundamental pain point for many businesses: the feeling of being overwhelmed and/or under-equipped in the world of ‘online’

Here’s why "empowerment" is not just a powerful concept that meets our values and many of our clients, but is also a practical one for what we at Koben deliver…

Digital empowerment

Control and Independence

By providing state-of-the-art web and app design, development, and digital marketing services, Koben empowers businesses to TAKE CONTROL of their online presence. This means not only having a visually appealing and functional website but also one that they can manage and adapt as their business grows and changes. EMPOWERMENT here is about reducing dependency on external forces and giving businesses the digital strategy, tools and skills they need to steer their own course. The level of support and strategy WE provide comes down to the needs and directions of the client, and not because their website was built in a way that benefits our budgets and not theirs.  

Competitive Advantage

There’s no escaping we are living in a digital-first world, and for brands, Not-For-Profits and government departments, having a robust online presence is critical. Koben EMPOWERS its clients by equipping them with relevant, innovative, cutting-edge digital  strategies, user-friendly design, expert development and optimized content that together enhance their visibility and competitiveness in the market. This empowerment manifests as increased traffic, better customer engagement, and ultimately, improved conversions.

Capability Building

Building on point one, Koben doesn’t just deliver a product; we believe in enhancing the capabilities of our clients. Through training, support, and ongoing advice, Koben ensures that clients are not only satisfied with the product delivered but also understand how to use it effectively to achieve their business goals. We’ve found this educational approach brings with it a sense of EMPOWERMENT, as clients learn to enact and appreciate digital strategies themselves.

Innovation and Adaptation

EMPOWERMENT is also about staying ahead of the curve. Not in an ego way, but in a way that excites and equips both our client’s team and their end-users.  Koben helps businesses anticipate, strategise and adapt to digital trends and changes, from mobile optimization to A.I and data security. This proactive stance enables our clients to feel confident and prepared, EMPOWERING them to embrace innovation rather than fear the pace of technological change.

Empowerment through Proactive Support

If you’ve read our Proactive Project Management Manifesto, you’d know at Koben empowerment extends beyond delivering top-tier digital solutions; it's about forging strong, value-packed, ongoing partnerships with our clients. We understand that digital = dynamic, often requiring quick adjustments and responses. Through our commitment to proactive support, we ensure that our clients are never marooned in navigating these changes.

Whether it’s updating security measures, tweaking SEO strategies to comply with new algorithms, or redesigning a site interface for optimal user engagement, our team is always ready and equipped to assist. This constant, anticipatory support system doesn't just solve problems as they occur—it helps pre-empt and possibly prevent them, EMPOWERING our clients to operate with confidence and security. By partnering closely with each client, we ensure that their digital presence not only meets the current standards but sets new benchmarks for success in their industry.

By positioning empowerment at the heart of our value proposition, my hope is Koben Digital will resonate with current and potential clients who are looking for more than just a service provider. My hope is they will experience a digital partner who will GENUINELY empower them, AND their end-users to succeed.

Our Koben Digital Guarantee

Digital Empowerment through creative design, digital innovation and proactive support for our clients, and theirs.

We'd love to have a conversation with you.


If you aspire to have a digital platform that empowers your team and your end-users, that innovates, educates and converts, but your marketing team is feeling overwhelmed or under-equipped in the digital space or from working with an unresponsive agency that lacks support, we’d love a conversation about empowerment.

It’s not just a value to us here it’s a strong verb, driven by creative design, innovative digital expertise, our proactive project management ethos, and forging a strong, responsive intentional  partnership.

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