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At Koben Digital, we are dedicated to supporting government organisations in their digital endeavours. Partnering with us means unlocking innovative solutions designed to enhance transparency, engage the public, and drive impactful change. 

Modernised Digital Experiences

Refreshing government websites ensuring engagement.

Cybersecurity Measures

Safeguarding sensitive data & enhancing trust.

Regulatory Compliance

Experienced in navigating complex regulations.

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We understand the significance of your work. Our collaborative approach, tailored solutions, and commitment to digital excellence guarantees we deliver experiences that enhance your services and empower communities.

  • Export Finance Australia
  • South Australia
  • Yarra Plenty Regional Library
  • City of Canning


Our team, known for responsiveness and expertise, works cohesively under one roof fostering open communication and collaboration, essential for smooth implementation of our comprehensive suite of services ideal for government and city council needs.


Government and city councils require the predictability which our streamlined processes provide. They are designed to provide faster turnaround times and exceptional quality reducing lead times and increasing efficiency for public sector projects.


Efficient communication and processes enable us to offer services at a more affordable rate for government and city councils. This approach maximises the value of your investment, leading to extraordinary results and enhanced public sector efficiency.

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government solutions.

Tailored web solutions for government

Our tailored web solutions, ideal for government and city councils, blend strategic planning with innovative design and robust development. We focus on creating secure, user-friendly platforms that enhance open communication and accessibility, efficiently meeting your service delivery needs. Regardless of the project's complexity, our experts are dedicated to turning your business objectives into a successful digital reality.


Our government & city council experience includes...

My Neighbourhood

A vital feature on any City Council website, providing residents with essential local information such rubbish collection days, nearby services and contact details of their local council member, all based on their address and connect to GIS or Google maps.

Document Access Hub

Seamlessly integrate your DMS such as Sharepoint or TechnologyOne directly into city council or government agency website, offering streamlined access to vital documents and forms, simplifying the process for residents and constituents to find and utilise government resources efficiently.

Federated Search

Enable users to simultaneously search for information, documents, and resources across multiple systems, providing a comprehensive and efficient way to access diverse data within the government's digital ecosystem.

Personalised User Journeys

Delivering a personalised user experiences, dynamically tailoring content and interactions based on individual user personas and their website behaviour, enhancing engagement and relevance.

Form Builders

Dynamic form-building capabilities, enabling the creation of customised forms with adaptable workflows, streamlining data collection and process automation according to specific needs.

Content Governance

Ensure precise content governance through dynamic workflows, including multi-step approvals and thorough content reviews, maintaining the highest accuracy and reliability of published information.

Library Management Systems

Integrate with systems like Civica Spydus to bring a comprehensive library experience online, including access to online account signup, access the book catalogue and feature collections, digital library, and library events, directly through the website for user convenience.

Taxonomy Management

Our solutions offer comprehensive taxonomy management, streamlining the organisation and categorisation of diverse data sets for efficient information retrieval and knowledge management.

Secured Access Areas

Provide a secure, members-only section on your website, granting councillors and special interest groups privileged access to confidential content and discussions, ensuring privacy and focused communication.

... and much more

Mobile app solutions for engagement anywhere

Stay engaged with constituents everywhere with our mobile app solutions, enhancing user engagement and simplifying processes. We position your government's efforts at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring daily interaction and visibility of your initiatives.

SEO and SEM strategies for government visibility

Enhance your online visibility with our specialised SEO and SEM services, tailored for various organisations including government and city councils. Our approach improves audience engagement and makes public services easily findable and accessible, effectively conveying your message to the targeted audience.

Ongoing support to ensure uptime and security

Our support and care plans provide government organisations with reliable, secure, and responsive support for their digital presence. We ensure timely updates and adaptability to stakeholders' dynamic needs, guaranteeing a seamless digital experience that meets the evolving demands of your audience.

The team at Koben Digital are unfailingly professional and knowledgeable, always providing expert advice and guidance. Their website support team is reliable, flexible and efficient, and always go above and beyond to support the tight timeframes inherent to our projects.
Ellie Hampton
National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation

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