Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

UI/UX Workshops Boost Website Success

UI / UX Workshops
Data-Driven Design
Performance Enhancements
Koben Digital successfully rebuilt NAIF's website on the Umbraco CMS, using UI/UX workshops and a data-driven design strategy. The outcome includes a revamped user experience with intuitive navigation, an engaging interface, and impressive performance scores in Google Lighthouse.
Optimised NAIF Website View on Mobile and Desktop through UI/UX Workshops

The Brief

Koben Digital was tasked with revitalising The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility's (NAIF) website which was previously built on WordPress. The primary focus was to optimise the user experience and refresh the design with a new website built on the Umbraco CMS.

Working with Koben on the new NAIF website was a very positive experience. Koben's technical expertise and collaborative approach ensured a smooth process from start to finish. Koben delivered a new website with upgrades to our website security, infrastructure, applied a modern design, improved functionality, and performance. The new Umbraco CMS is easy to use and provides us with the flexibility to create customised content.
Cathie McBean
Chief Strategic Policy & Engagement Officer - NAIF

The Solution

Emphasis on UI/UX Workshops:

  • Collaborative Approach: Extensive UI/UX workshops involved NAIF’s various departments, ensuring diverse input and alignment with organisational goals.
  • User-Centric Design: Insights from these workshops guided the entire redesign, focusing on solving identified customer journey problems, content accessibility, and visual appeal.

Data-Driven Design Strategy:

  • Analytics Insights: Leveraging Hotjar and Google Analytics, the team harnessed data like heatmaps and behaviour flows, directly influencing design decisions to optimise user interaction and satisfaction.
  • Content: A content gap analysis unveiled areas where the website lacked specific content, presenting valuable opportunities to increase organic rankings and drive higher search traffic.
  • SEO Alignment: A backlink audit identified pages that provide high-authority backlinks which could be used for the redirect map. This preserved user experience, link equity and keyword relevance. 

Conceptual and Detailed Design Phases:

  • Early Stakeholder Engagement: Conceptual designs were a crucial step to secure buy-in from key stakeholders ensuring all parties were aligned with the project's vision.
  • Design Execution: The transition from concepts to detailed designs was marked by continuous alignment with UI/UX insights and feedback. This was also a key step to streamline and successfully execute the development process.
From the project's initiation, Koben demonstrated an understanding of our objectives, engaging in thorough discussions to ensure alignment between our vision and the planned development. The new website's intuitive navigation and efficient content presentation reflect the team’s commitment to delivering practical solutions. The deployment phase showcased Koben's technical proficiency, resulting in a website that not only meets current standards but is also prepared for future advancements.
Cathie McBean
Chief Strategic Policy & Engagement Officer - NAIF

The Outcome

Revamped User Experience:

  • Intuitive Navigation: With the help of the data of Hotjar and Google Analytics, users now enjoy a seamless journey through a well-structured information architecture. This enhanced the visibility and accessibility of previously hidden pages, which were critical to aspects of NAIF's business.
  • Engaging Interface: The modernised interface reflects NAIF’s brand ethos and enhances user interaction.
  • Transforming Module Functionality: The data analysis revealed the high utilisation of the existing map functionality. The team therefore developed a highly interactive, on-brand and modern map module using Mapbox as a platform to serve users looking for projects NAIF has worked on.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Google Lighthouse Scores: The mobile performance scores increased by an impressive 45%.
  • User Engagement and Content Reach: The average engagement time per session improved by 18%, and the number of pages viewed per session saw a 33% uptick.


Google Lighthouse Scores


Engagement Time


Page Views per Session

Throughout the project, the team at Koben were approachable, maintained professionalism and met timelines consistently. Post-launch support has been responsive, demonstrating Koben's dedication to client satisfaction. We highly recommend Koben for their reliable and skilled web development services.
Cathie McBean
Chief Strategic Policy & Engagement Officer - NAIF

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