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Job Board Integration
With an outdated website and confusing user journeys, McArthur partnered with Koben Digital for a web transformation. The result? Streamlined job applications, a custom UI/UX design, and job board integration that made it easier for their team to create effective marketing campaigns.
McArthur website pages that Integrated Applications to Streamline Business Workflows

The Brief

McArthur recognised the need for a website update due to its outdated design and confusing information architecture that did not effectively serve the diverse range of user personas. They also wanted to empower their marketing department with the ability to quickly create custom marketing campaigns without the need for developer support.

McArthur wireframes produced during the design phase.

The Solution

Koben used their proven discovery and planning process to gather information and form a strategy for building the new McArthur website. This process includes reviewing Google analytics, analysis of existing user journeys, conducting interviews with recruitment consultants and users, and holding discovery sessions with McArthur stakeholders.

During the discovery process, Koben identified that McArthur's diverse user base across various industries each required a unique communication approach. The job board also needed to be able to handle a high volume of job applicants, with some positions requiring a more detailed application process. To improve the user experience, Koben focused on creating clearer user journeys that would lead applicants to more targeted employment outcomes.

Koben Digital simplified the user journeys and improved the overall user experience. They provided a clear strategy and strong creative and technical abilities to deliver on our objectives. We are very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Koben's services.
Colin Britten
Marketing Manager, McArthur

The Outcome

Through comprehensive discovery and planning, we were able to build a targeted solution that provided McArthur with the flexibility their marketing team needed and improved the user experience through a streamlined job application process.

To enhance the marketing capabilities of the website, we used Bento, our own plugin for the Umbraco CMS, which features customizable design components that allow for flexibility in color, content, layout, and more. These blocks can be easily rearranged in the CMS by back-office users, similar to custom Lego blocks, improving the quality, experience, and speed of marketing campaigns and reducing the need for developer support. 

To further improve the application process, we worked closely with McArthur's third party job aggregators to integrate a cohesive job board and application process that fed directly into McArthur's internal systems, reducing friction for both job applicants and recruitment consultants.

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