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Tailored User Journeys for Personalised Web Content

Security & Compliance
Export Finance Australia partnered with Koben to find solutions to help qualify and serve their customers needs efficiently, improve security and deliver personalised content.
Export Finance website pages that Target User Journeys for Personalised Content Outcomes

The Brief

The existing website was complex to navigate. The information architecture and taxonomy lacked clarity and user journeys were complex and unclear. They wanted to increase conversion and reduce the number of unqualified contacts being received by their call center.

They desired to reduce their reliance on external third party suppliers, specifically relating to the creation of marketing landing pages. The existing process of requiring an external marketing agency to design, create, build and deploy each and every landing page was cumbersome and costly.

Security had also become a concern due to changes in government policy and an increased requirement to meet a new set of standards.

Our website is our public face. It’s often the first-place potential customers go to when they need to find out how we can help. Our customers will now benefit from an enhanced customer journey including personalisation.
Swati Dave
Managing Director - Export Finance Australia

The Solution

Through research, stakeholder interviews, workshops and analysis of analytics data we were able to define a set of goals and objectives that would ultimately be used formulate a strategy and measure the success of the project.

Workshops covered topics such as taxonomy, design, technical requirements and tracking. The outcomes of these workshops allowed for a clear definition and understanding of customer user journeys, which heavily influenced the strategy, design and structure of the new website.

Working closely with the EFA team we were able to clearly define our goals and objectives to;

  • Improved site security, with a significant increase in uptime
  • Clear user journeys based on personas
  • Personalisation for known users
  • Reduce reliance on external agencies to produce campaign landing pages

Taking the new and improved information architecture and user journeys, lo-fi wireframes were developed to test high-level navigation structures and core functionality.

The new site sits on a secure, flexible platform which will make it easier for us to highlight financings and update content. This will allow us to be more agile in telling our story and sharing all the great work done by our teams.
Swati Dave
Managing Director - Export Finance Australia

The Outcome

As a result of thorough planning and a close working relationship with EFA we were able to execute on our strategy and develop a modern website that addressed each of EFAs core objectives.

The improvement of the information architecture and clearer user journeys contributed to an increase in online applications and reduction in unqualified contacts through the implementation of a needs based tool that quickly and clearly directed users to appropriate outcomes.

Security was improved through the implementation of two factor authentication, a web application firewall and CMS access restrictions, and as a result the website passed government-level penetration and security testing.

Availability was improved through the implementation of multi-region load-balancing and the ability to scale based on requirements.

The integration of Adobe Marketo personalisation allowed for tailored user experiences, improving content discovery and directing users to the products and services they need.

To streamline the website’s content creation process, a visual page builder was implemented. This reduced the need for reliance on external agencies and costly deployments, empowering the marketing team at EFA to rapidly create unique landing pages to support their digital marketing efforts.

In summary, the project was a massive success. It provided users with a direct journey to services they require, a flexible digital marketing platform that empowers editors on an infrastructure that provides the highest level of security and uptime.

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