Not-For-Profit and Charities

Partnering with charities and not-for-profits for greater digital impact

At Koben Digital, we are dedicated to supporting charities and non-profits with digital tools that go beyond the ordinary.

Understanding the unique obstacles you face, our services are tailored to expand your reach, simplify operations, and broadcast your mission.

Optimised User Experiences

Prioritising user needs for optimal interaction.

Secure Online Transactions

Safeguarding donations and payments.

Efficient Content Management

Streamline content updates and control.

Partner with Koben Digital

We recognise the vital role you play in society. Our approach is to collaborate closely with you, providing customised digital solutions that genuinely improve and support your services. This tailored support focuses on effectively addressing the specific challenges and opportunities faced by charities and not-for-profits, aiming to strengthen your impact on the communities you serve and enhance the reach and effectiveness of your mission.

  • Australia for UNCHR
  • Breast Cancer Network of  Australia
  • Vinnies
  • Anglicare
  • Caritas

Time is of The Essence

Specialising in serving charities and not-for-profit organisations, our team excels in swift responsiveness and skilled execution. United in one location, we ensure rapid communication and effective collaboration, crucial for the prompt and efficient delivery of our comprehensive services. This approach is particularly beneficial for the unique, time-sensitive needs of non-profits and charities, ensuring that your crucial work experiences minimal delays and maximum impact.

Refugees of war
Empower independence for marketing teams

Empowering Independence

Our solutions are designed to empower charities and not-for-profit organisations, granting them autonomy and control. By minimising the need for constant developer intervention, especially for setting up new campaigns, we ensure that your resources are optimally utilised. This approach allows you to focus your marketing and development budgets on core activities, directly enhancing your mission's effectiveness without the overhead of technical dependencies.

Impactful User Journeys

We understand the crucial need for efficient and reliable workflows in fundraising and advocacy for not-for-profits. Recognising that even minor inefficiencies can negatively impact financial and advocacy outcomes, we focus on refining and optimising these processes. Our goal is to ensure seamless experiences that maximise both donations and advocacy efforts, supporting the broader mission of your organisation.

Analysis of User Journeys

Maximise your mission.
Let's create meaningful change together.

Inspirational Websites That Prompt Action.

We build websites that showcase your impact and inspire supporters to get involved. Our design and user experience transforms fundraising by enabling seamless donations and data collection.

Donation Processes Optimised for Conversion

Streamline your donation process with our expertise, reducing friction and enhancing impact by maximising fundraising potential for your non-profit's mission.

Flexible Component-Based Design

Our approach emphasises the flexible composability of component-based pages, allowing for dynamic storytelling and effective delivery of vital information. This flexibility ensures that content can be tailored and restructured easily to suit evolving narratives and informational needs.

Resource Hubs

User-friendly resource hubs utilising advanced taxonomies, tagging, and filtering. Enabling easy identification and quick access to various resource types, ensuring reduced user friction to find the information they need.

Third Party Integrations

Our expertise includes deep integrations with leading platforms like Raisly for donations, Shorthand for magazine-style publications, and automations with Zapier, Formstack, Salesforce, and Hubspot. We ensure smooth, efficient connectivity, enhancing your digital capabilities with a wide range of third-party solutions.

Robust Security and Data Protection

In every project we undertake, the safety and security of user data is our top priority. We rigorously adhere to data sovereignty principles and conduct regular security audits, ensuring the highest levels of protection and compliance in all our builds.

AI Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots that comprehend your website's content, offering conversational interactions akin to a knowledgeable support officer. These chatbots provide intuitive, helpful guidance, enhancing user experience with smart, responsive communication.

... and much more

Mobile Apps to Deepen Engagement

Stay connected with supporters on-the-go. Our mobile apps are crafted to boost engagement, ease communication, and create a smooth experience for your audience.

SEO and SEM strategies for visibility

Expand your digital presence. Our SEO and SEM strategies ensure your cause reaches the right people. Drive traffic, increase visibility, and attract the backing you deserve.

Ongoing support to ensure uptime and security

The journey doesn't end at launch. Our support plans keep your digital presence secure, up-to-date, and effective, allowing your team to stay focused on the mission while we handle the technical details.

"Working with Koben Digital on our website rebuild has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise in understanding the needs of our donors and developing a best-in-class donation experience was invaluable."

Saman Kazmi
Digital Marketing Manager
Australia for UNHCR

UNHCR transforming donation experiences

Partner with us to fully tap your digital potential.

Together, we can harness technology to spread your message, involve your community, and create meaningful change. Your cause deserves solutions as innovative as your vision. Let’s start this digital journey.

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