'Greening' Your Website: 5 Essential Updates for Sustainability in Digital Marketing

Cherie Gregory
Cherie Gregory
19 April 2024

When we talk about "green" in the digital world, we're not just throwing around a trendy buzzword. It's not just about slapping a green leaf on your website and calling it a day. No, it's about really digging into the nitty-gritty of what makes a digital platform both environmentally friendly and compliant with emerging standards.

So, what do you need to consider when it comes to sustainability in digital marketing for your organisation? Let’s cut through the usual fluff and get right into it. Because as Kermit so eloquently put it: It's not 'easy' being green... 

Sustainable Web Development: Not Just a Pipe Dream

It might sound like a bit of a paradox – making something as intangible as a website sustainable. But it's real, and it matters. We're talking about streamlined coding practices that cut down on the processing power needed.

Remember, less processing equals less energy consumption. It's like choosing to walk instead of driving a gas-guzzler for a quick trip to the corner store.  It's investing a little more for that Tesla instead of cost-cutting for that 20 year old diesel truck.

Sustainable Web Hosting: A Game Changer

Think of web hosting like the digital equivalent of where you choose to live. Some platforms, like Azure and Vercel, are like eco-friendly houses with solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems – they're carbon neutral.

Choosing such a host for your website is a statement. It says, "Hey, we care about our environmental impact and our digital carbon footprint."

Web Hosting is where you choose your website to live - make it sustainable

Speed and Sustainability: The Fast Lane to a Greener Web

Here’s a thought – is your website a speed demon or a sluggish snail? Overloading your site with unnecessary images is like packing your suitcase with everything but the kitchen sink for a weekend trip. It's just overkill. A faster, image-optimized website isn't just user-friendly; it reduces energy consumption.

Everyone on the team contributes towards sustainable goals

Automate, Reduce, Rejoice

Us humans.... we’re all about making life easier. But here’s the kicker – automation on your website can be a sustainability superhero. Let’s take e-commerce as an example.

Smarter, automated processes can significantly reduce the manual handling by your team, cutting down on the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint company-WIDE, not just digitally. It's not 'just' about saving time; it’s about saving the planet.

The Domino Effect of Your Digital Solutions

Your website is often the first-touch people will have with your brand. Every click, every action on your website sets off a chain reaction. Think about it. If your website encourages practices that are sustainable, that's a snowball effect right there.

The goal is to make sure that these actions are as eco-friendly as possible. It's not only about what your website does; it’s about what it inspires others to do.

We are on this journey with you.

So what have WE done here at KØBEN? How are we are walking the proverbial walk. We have made it our mission to make changes to follow through on our commitment to sustainable practices.

At Koben:

- We’ve chosen Microsoft azure as our hosting platform who are carbon-neutral.

- Our own website is built headless reducing the amount of processing power that is required for each server request.

- We’ve chosen latest modern technology and best practice when it comes to things like image optimisation.

- We have started running new projects through checkers that test the emissions of digital projects.

To wrap it up, sustainability in digital marketing isn’t just a 'nice-to-have'. It’s a must in an increasingly 'on-line' world where digital footprints are becoming just as significant as physical ones. And actually? It's not as complex as it sounds.

Small steps can lead to giant leaps, and at Koben, we're here to demystify the concept of a sustainable digital marketing strategy and partner with you to turn your digital marketing into a well oiled machine (or a well tuned Tesla should we say.....)

So, let’s start taking those steps, shall we?

Looking forward to making our digital world a greener place together,

- The Koben Digital Team

What do you think? Ready to join us on this green journey?

Let’s chat about how we can make your digital presence as sustainable as it is sensational. 

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