Proactive Project Management: Boosting Client Success

Cherie Gregory
Cherie Gregory
9 May 2024

At Koben, our team feels incredibly strongly that it is crucial to constantly reflect and iterate on our approach to project management. Last year we made a very intentional shift to a far more proactive and responsive style of project management and since then both our team and our clients have thrived.

In the early days we did a lot of research into both passive and proactive project management and I think understanding the differences and the impact of each has significantly enhanced our client communication and satisfaction, and overall project success.  We now consistently receive positive feedback on the level of responsiveness and proactiveness of our PM’s which is a testimony to the care they take with our clients and their projects.

The following is a deep dive into our PM SOP or as we like to call it: our ‘Project Management Manifesto’.

Passive vs Proactive Project Management

Definition and Differences

Proactive Project Management
This approach involves anticipating a potential problem and addressing it before it becomes an issue. It’s about being one step ahead, continuously planning, and adapting. Proactive PM’s actively seek feedback, are constantly learning, and are prepared to make swift decisions to steer the project in the right direction.

Passive Project Management
In contrast, passive project management is more about reacting to situations as they arise. While this approach might seem less stressful initially, it often leads to last-minute scrambles, missed opportunities for improvement, and can leave clients feeling uncertain about our commitment to their success.

Communication Styles

Proactive Communication
This means regularly updating clients, even when there’s no significant progress to report. It’s about setting expectations, providing regular status reports, and being transparent about challenges. This builds trust and shows clients that we are actively managing their projects.

Passive Communication
Waiting for clients to ask for updates or only communicating when there’s a problem isn’t enough. This approach can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of trust. Clients might feel out of the loop and undervalued. 

Anticipating Needs

Proactive Management
It’s about understanding the client’s business, their industry, and their unique challenges. This foresight allows us to anticipate needs and provide solutions before the client even realises they need them.

Passive Management
Often misses these opportunities as it’s more focused on addressing current tasks rather than looking ahead.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Proactive Management
Encourages a culture of continuous improvement and agility. We are always ready to pivot and adjust strategies to ensure the best long term outcomes. 

Passive Management
Can be rigid and slow to adapt, often sticking to the ‘tried and true’ at the expense of innovation.

Our Commitment

As a team, our goal is to operate entirely with a proactive project management style.

This requires commitment, accountability to each other in the Project Management Team, training where necessary, and a change in mindset in places.

Proactive Project Management

Implementing proactive project management is not just about changing how we do things; it’s about changing how we think.

At Koben our goal is to be leaders in our field, exceeding client expectations, and setting a standard of excellence not just in our dev and the digital products we release (because we are pretty well known for that already) but in how people experience ‘working with Koben’. 

Koben's insightful advice, high technical proficiency, and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in creating our web platform. Their proactive solutions and ability to anticipate future needs reflect a level of foresight that will pay off as our business goes global.
Andrew Costello
Chief Operating Officer, IMRA

If you are about to start a fresh digital project or are looking for a new digital partner, we’d love to continue the conversation  about what ‘s different about working with the Koben team.  By choosing Koben, you’re opting for a partnership that will give you an innovative edge and a proactive ally in your digital ventures. Get in touch! We won't keep you waiting!

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