Who we are & why we are

Our legacy.

Koben was born from a mission to deliver digital solutions that raise the bar and empower businesses, government organisations, and not-for-profits throughout Australia, New Zealand, and around the world.

Everything we do is backed by a passion for the way people interact with technology.

We pride ourselves on being technologists and digital advocates for our customers. Clients choose our team for powerful design (visual and technical), our development expertise and our genuine investment in meaningful long-term relationships.

Our team is made up of specialised, passionate, and innovative designers and developers.

It’s in our name...

The name Koben shares its origin with the birthplace of Umbraco CMS – Kobenhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark which holds a special place in our hearts. 

We love danish design and their ability to see things differently, to break the mold of mediocrity.  A direct translation of our name means ‘crowbar’, which speaks to our unique ability to break through the boundaries to offer clients a digital presence that unlocks their potential and secures future success.

Technologists. Pioneers. Advocates.

It makes sense that for Koben to develop dedicated client relationships, the same care is taken within our unique business.

Our ethos is simple – a vibrant, collaborative and supportive culture at Koben reflects the level of commitment and enthusiasm we carry into our projects.

Each member of our team brings their own specialist skills and creative flair. We work to potentiate each other's growth – and celebrate each win together.

Managing Director / Technical Director

Peter Gregory

The strategic visionary of Koben, Peter loves getting involved in client projects early to best understand how digital technology can be used best to deliver meaningful results. He is also our resident Umbraco fanboi, having worked with and contributed to the open source CMS project since 2006. When he's not steering the Koben ship, Peter can be found dreaming up new furniture projects, playing board games with his wife and four kids, or avidly following the Formula One.

My favourite game: Competitive Hide and Seek

Director, Marketing & HR

Cherie Gregory

Director at Koben Digital and She-E-O of Thumsters, Cherie keeps herself busy running marketing for three companies under the Koben banner. Always making sure people are taken care of, she loves letting people in on the magic of who we are and what we do. An enthusiast of coffee and Disney parks, chances are, you’ll find her with a plate full of doughnuts which she uses to bribe people into saying her meetings are the best.

My favourite game: Air Hockey master and champion since age 14 to present

Project Manager

Leon Creed-Baker

Leon is truly a global citizen, having worked in the digital space in Asia and most recently Dubai. Then COVID struck and Leon decided to return back home to Australia for the long term. Leon has a wealth of digital experience along with strategic marketing experience. He loves analytics and likes to get to the heart of user behaviour to optimise conversion rate and retention.

My favourite game: Basketball and Toes to Bar

Project Manager

Josh Khoury

Josh keeps projects ticking along with his empathetic approach to project management. He is always looking for the beneficial outcomes for his clients by seeking to understand the why behind the what. Josh is a keen football (soccer) player and around the office is known for keen interest in health and nutrition given the nickname Dr. Josh.

My favourite game: Potato sack racing

Senior Full Stack Developer

Dion Gee

Dion loves London. He has a love for all things cold weather related. His favorite activity is sitting on the couch with a nice glass of red wine and watching Netflix or reading one of his many books. One of Dion's specialties is roller skating while taking care of his niece, who he absolutely adores!

My favourite game: Roller Skating

Senior Full Stack Developer

Jake Williamson

Jake is one of our Senior .Net Web Developers who loves all things Umbraco. As a self-taught developer with 20 years’ experience, his approach isn’t always textbook. With design and front-end experience, he’s got all the UX and UI bases covered. His secret talent is that he only writes in lowercase and has recently considered dropping punctuation (this didn’t get past our copywriters).

My favourite game: I’m not a gamer so you’re more likely to find me blipping around the forest on my dirt bike

Digital Marketing Specialist & Project Manager

Florian Rasmussen

Florian makes sure that the marketing for Thumsters Parenting App, Koben Digital and their clients gets that extra spark you love so much. Because of him, we are seen in the digital world of Social Media, SEO, Emails, etc… If he is not trying to implement the newest marketing strategies, you can find him on the beach playing a game of volleyball. Florian goes by many names around the office, "Flori", "B-Roll" and "Flow Rider".

My favourite game: Dragon Ball Legends

Full Stack Developer

Sumair Singh

Sumair is a resident Street Fighter Champion / .Net Developer and is packed with fresh ideas and a solid understanding of back-end development. He knows Umbraco and Microsoft Azure like the back of his hand and when he’s not coding, you’ll find him jamming guitar and banging on his conga drums. Some say he must beat Sheng Long.

My favourite game: Street Fighter 2

Frontend / React Developer

Fred Bogdanoff

Our resident Californian surfer who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. When not building amazing things in React, he can be found discussing the ins and outs of Crypto.

My favourite game: Tiddly Winks

Designer / Mobile Developer

Caleb Gregory

As one of our clever designers, Caleb is in charge of designing intuitive digital experiences. People know him for his half-decent barista skills and obsession with hummus. When he’s not wearing his design hat, you’ll find him playing a mean Junkrat on Overwatch.

My favourite game: Overwatch and League of Legends

Full Stack Developer

Jonty Schmidt

Jonty Schmidt is a developer and a self-proclaimed “Nerf enthusiast”. Jonty collects them like they are going out of fashion. He has about 100 at last count but still always wants more! He enjoys long walks on the beach and eating chicken (he consumes about 1 kilo of pure chicken on a daily basis), which fuels his passion for coding. He's also known as Jontysauros, after his T-Rex walk.

My favourite game: Chicken

Social Media Specialist & PA

Hannah Gregory

Hannah is our social media specialist and PA to the directors. When shes not running around to find that perfect content for your feed, she spends her time teaching pre-schoolers to dance and studying Law at University.

My favourite game: Cutting T-shirts

Chief Happiness Officer

Kobe Nigel Long-Sausage

I’m Kobe! I like food. I eat things, and also people food too. I lick everything and I make people happy. I really like belly rubs. We will be good friends.

My favourite game: Eat

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